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Resist the Temptation to Cut Corners in Your Career

By on Jul 17,2018

Many people fall prey to the false attractiveness of the ego, allowing it to dominate their lives and hinder their progress. To conquer your ego you must establish a sense of what is and is not correct, and introduce discipline to your business and personal lives. This means your work will result fr

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Do Not Stand in the Way of Your Own Progress

By on Jun 30,2018

See yourself as you actually are, then confront this self so that you can grow and evolve. When you see yourself as you truly are, you will probably find that you are standing in the way of your own success. Once you identify them, confront the parts of yourself that are limiting your success. Once

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Narcissistic Entitlement Syndrome

By on Jun 29,2018

Narcissistic Entitlement Syndrome (NES) afflicts many people in the current job market; they see themselves as special, and deserving of whatever they want at the expense of others. NES puts these people on a collision course with failure. Even if they do not themselves fail, colleagues with NES can

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You Do Not Need to Escape to Get the Life You Want

By on Jun 22,2018

In this article Harrison discusses how happiness comes from within and not from objects outside of yourself. Each and every one of us is seeking something. The worst sensation is to strive for something and, upon achieving it, to discover that it is empty for us. We all want the superficial outcomes

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Move Toward the Light

By on May 29,2018

Life is all about the opposite extremes of light and darkness, and your likelihood of success directly correlates to the time you spend focused on the light and the positive. Every situation and emotion has its corresponding opposite. Do everything in your power to stay connected to the light, posit

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Never Overlook the Obvious

By on May 28,2018

Obvious solutions always get overlooked. Simple problems get overanalyzed, and the simple solution gets ignored. Look out for the solutions that are right in front of you, and do not create mountains out of molehills for nonsensical reasons.

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Helpers and Non-Helpers

By on May 14,2018

There are two types of people in the world; helpers and non helpers. The more of a helper you are, the more you will succeed and find happiness in life. When you find yourself jealous, angry, and judging others, redirect your focus and concentrate on thinking positive, compassionate thoughts about t

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You Need to Be Seen as the Cure

By on May 09,2018

In this article Harrison explains the importance of being seen as the cure for all the problems. Becoming a cure for all the problems is very important for getting and keeping a job. Employers are constantly facing a barrage of new challenges and problems. Being at the right place at the right time

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Getting Referrals from Powerful People (We All Know Someone)

By on May 07,2018

A recommendation from a powerful person can make a huge difference in your job search; a reference from an influential person makes a tremendous difference to a prospective employer, and thus can be a major advantage for you. When an important person whom the company trusts recommends you, you insta

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Happy Meals and Bonuses

By on May 05,2018

Make a list of the bonuses that you can offer an employer if hired, whether they be contracts or additional capabilities. Your extra assets may form a tipping point in the employer’s decision whether or not to hire you. Many businesses and career failures result from people focusing on their own n

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Why Aren’t There More American Day Laborers, Doctors, Engineers and Textile Workers?

By on Jun 16,2018

In this article Harrison explains the economic rule which says - your rewards will be in direct proportion to the value you provide. In your career if you are not providing enough value, the rule will catch up with you sooner or later. In contrast, if you are providing more value than you receive you will probably have a very good career. Companies that provide more value than they receive for their products generally end up flourishing. Companies that provide very little value generally end up going out of business. The law of economics that is always operating in the background is that you always need to give more than you take and be prepared to give.

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