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Helpers and Non-Helpers

By on May 14,2018

There are two types of people in the world; helpers and non helpers. The more of a helper you are, the more you will succeed and find happiness in life. When you find yourself jealous, angry, and judging others, redirect your focus and concentrate on thinking positive, compassionate thoughts about t

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You Need to Be Seen as the Cure

By on May 09,2018

In this article Harrison explains the importance of being seen as the cure for all the problems. Becoming a cure for all the problems is very important for getting and keeping a job. Employers are constantly facing a barrage of new challenges and problems. Being at the right place at the right time

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Getting Referrals from Powerful People (We All Know Someone)

By on May 07,2018

A recommendation from a powerful person can make a huge difference in your job search; a reference from an influential person makes a tremendous difference to a prospective employer, and thus can be a major advantage for you. When an important person whom the company trusts recommends you, you insta

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Happy Meals and Bonuses

By on May 05,2018

Make a list of the bonuses that you can offer an employer if hired, whether they be contracts or additional capabilities. Your extra assets may form a tipping point in the employer’s decision whether or not to hire you. Many businesses and career failures result from people focusing on their own n

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You Must Have the Home Team Advantage

By on May 01,2018

In this article Harrison discusses the importance of making good decisions pertaining to different important areas of your life. To explain his point he talks about the concept of ‘home team advantage’. The home team advantage is one of the most important concepts in sports and it is a proven fa

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Do Not Blame the System or Others: Accept Responsibility

By on Apr 24,2018

You must accept responsibility for your actions and their consequences, rather than blaming others. The system is rarely responsible for your problems, and much happiness and success will come from accepting full responsibility for your current position. By doing so, you will be much more likely to

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You Need to Be Self-Managing and Responsible

By on Apr 21,2018

In this article Harrison discusses the role of self-motivation and self management. Self-motivated and self managed people always perform well. In contrast people who are forced to follow massive amounts of procedures and rules can never perform. It is important that our rituals and sense of respons

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Your Ability to Be Free Will Determine Your Success

By on Apr 16,2018

In this article Harrison discusses how a very crucial part of your future success and happiness depends on your ability to be free. The concept of freedom is difficult for most people to truly understand because hardly anyone is really free, in the deepest sense of the word. Most people are trapped

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Always Ask and Observe: “How Long Have People Been Around?”

By on Apr 10,2018

Ascertaining factors such as how long a company has retained its employees and how many friend a person has will help you determine beforehand whether you are dealing with the right sort of people. The right kinds of people are those who have lots of old acquaintances and are liked by large numbers

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Insider Trading, Ponzi Schemes, and Making the Most of Your Assets

By on Apr 05,2018

You have far more assets than you realize or comprehend, and you need to devote your career and life to making the most of them. The more assets you use, the more you can achieve, meaning that the potential for achievement in your life is limitless. Make the absolute most of all of the assets that y

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Job Market

Employers Want to Hire You

By on Jan 05,2018

Whenever you attend an interview, remember that you are there because your prospective employer has already made an investment in calling you in. and really wants to hire you. Most people enter interview with negative preconceptions about their employers’ opinions and their own prospects, and ultimately bring about their own failures. Bringing such thoughts into an interview projects negative vibes, and signals a lack of enthusiasm and confidence to your employer. Always keep a positive outlook when walking into an interview.

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